Soul Full Sunday Events & Music Founded By Wilgo M. Pengel aka Dj Smooth. Wilgo is a dj, music-producer, ghost-producer, organizes-events, label-owner, music-publisher, radio-host, tv-host and a producer of radio- and tv programmas. Started in the 70 as a dj at community centers in his hometown Rotterdam.

After beeing for more then 25 years in the events- and music business he
decided to start something new. It’s not just events or just music. It’s much more. It’s a new way life. A lifestyle. A brand. A positive feeling we as humans need. Music and event witch bring the best out of everyone. This new one is not easy to deviate.

This resulted in to Soul Full Sunday Events & Music

We organize exclusive indoor and outdoor events at special locations and much more. Hereby we offer our guests exclusivity and a special experience.

Soul Full Sunday is bassed in Rotterdam(the Netherlands) but we move around the Globe.

Soon more of our vision of the world of event & music

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